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A non-animated version: hi there! I went through most of my gif animation presents, but i couldn’t find the animated one. It was in a psd folder in my lfs redesign July 2001 folder. Strange i couldn’t find it on lfs. Ooh well!

Today i went to the hairdresser Christiaan. I’ve been going there for years now. I always make an appointment with Lucienne. Today it was fun, we talked about many different things. Facebook, children, getting older, sex. Ordinary stuff. I have a fringe again!

Enjoy your weekend.


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The finger

Today it’s really hot here in the Netherlands. When i sit quietly, i still sweat. I decided to not go walking. Hopefully next week the temperature is a bit lower. I decided not to song too. I did wanna do Top of the world by the Carpenters, but hey! next week.

So instead the finger when i saw this article on the today: A supercut of people in movies giving the middle finger is surprisingly satisfying. It just made me laugh. So here it is for you, the finger.

In the comments someone linked this one, which i think is brilliant.

The Bird

I did do some more searches. In the clip ‘the finger’ is mentioned. I looked that up on the The 20 words related to the finger are good too.

middle finger – the bird – fuck you – flip off – flip the bird – one finger salute – the middle finger – bird – fuck – fuck off – up yours – double birds – finger – flipping off – fu – hepatitis c – im middle salute – rude gesture – throw the unicorn

the finger
means fuck you…enuff said
like this
…………………/…./ /
……….”…\………. _.·´

The wikipedia page is a lot more serious.

It communicates moderate to extreme contempt, and is roughly equivalent in meaning to “fuck off”, “fuck you”, “shove it up your ass”, “up yours” or “go fuck yourself.”

They do trace the gesture back to the ancient Greeks. It could be even older than that. Nowadays it’s still widely used. Many, many pictures exist.

When i get mad, i do actually use it myself. I do remember a few months ago i used it in traffic, when i crossed the street. Not sure what happened, but i got mad. So there. It’s not like i get mad every day, it is a rather rare event. Honestly!

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Nights of passion

She lays her head on the old pillow on her couch. She tries to read one of the books she got from her attic. Her eyes grow heavy. Her whole body starts to feel like it is floating in the air. Nothing keeps her tied to the ground anymore. It is becoming dark. A faint smile still floats on her face. The hand is still holding the book, slightly dropping, the open page softly turning so she couldn’t even read it even if she wanted to. The sounds of people working outside softly comes to her. The whimper of the steel shop carriers crawls to her ears. A soft talking comes to her of people walking below her window. The humming of the cars creates a backdrop which is almost unaudible. She drifts away into a endless darkness of quiet.


Her eyes pop open. She looks around. She still feels the weight of her body, falling into sleep. She stretches her arm and gets her glasses, lying on the old hospital cupboard next to her couch. She fell asleep for only 15 minutes. Her mind starts to think. If she makes a pasta sauce now, she could have a little nap later on.
She stands up.
It is only a quarter to five. She opens the door to the hallway and walks into the kitchen. Let’s see. Some tomatoes. A pepper. A courgette. An onion. Garlic. That will do. She slices up all the vegetables. She adds some olive oil to the pan, turns on the fire beneath it and adds the onions and garlic. The sliced pepper. The courgette. The tomatoes. She turns down the gas till it is at it lowest level and puts on the cover of the pan. That’ll take like three quarters of an hour to make a nice sauce.


She gets the book she was reading from the front room. She walks to her bedroom. She feels a bit aroused. She closes the curtains. She takes of her clothes and lies on the bed beneath a cotton sheet, wrapping it around her body. She starts to read. Her body slowly moves beneath the sheet. She feels the lovely throb inside her. Her eyes are following the words on the page in the darkness of the room suffused with the light coming through the chinks in the curtains. Her hand caresses her breasts. The soft velvety skin glides beneath her fingers. Her soft nipples slightly harden when her fingertips slowly moves over them. Her hand moves over her body, following the lines of the side from the top to below her waist. It slides over her behind and gently strokes its cheeks. Her fingers glide up her back towards her shoulder blades. With her nails making a faint impression, her fingers go down again and stroke the top of her butt crack. Her body keeps on moving slowly. Her hand goes over the top of her legs, feeling the muscles beneath the skin.
She lies the book beside her on the small chest.


Only halfway she turns her body. The sheet she moves to below her breasts. Her fingers keep on stroking her nipples which become more erect. Her right hand thumb glides into her mouth. The smell of her hand simultaneously soothes and excites her. Her eyes are half open, looking upwards to the ceiling. A groan escapes her mouth. She can feel the moistness between her legs. Her right hands move over her belly towards the slight wetness between her legs. She puts her middle finger on the front bit and her body stretches out, her legs move apart. Her entire body lies completely naked in the darkness, moving in a languorous rhythm up and down. Her middle finger presses and releases her clitoris. The other fingers feel the lips of her pussy getting heavier. Her finger goes further down and spreads the moistness all around.
Her breath is getting heavier.


Her body pulls itself from her bed and the movements of it are getting fiercer. Her finger glides from her vagina to her clit and back again. Her other finger is stroking her nipples. They are getting harder. Her thoughts are not under her control anymore. A flash of memory goes through her mind. A yearning for a man in her life disappears almost as fast as it came. She tries to think of her neighbours. She doesn’t want them to hear her moan, but the breathing does come harder. She can feel the tension building up inside her. There is no softness anymore, but a dedicated search for a release.
A deep throb inside her gives her a short time of pleasure. She feels the weight of her body, turns around and pulls the sheets around her. She still makes slight movements, but they are full of memories of the forgetfulness her body gave her for a short time. She closes her eyes for a while and enjoys the relaxation she feels.


She stands up. She puts on her panties and her bra, the tank top and the sport pants she was wearing. She opens up the curtains and let the light in the room once more. She walks to the kitchen and checks the pasta sauce. Hmm, still like 15 minutes to go. She gets her book and reads on further in her front room.


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I made a present like this one before in Flash published May 20 2003. I did open the file and read through the code. It is similar, but there are also differences. I’m still struggling with scope in Javascript. I set the startX and startY points before the setCanvas function was executed, so the centre wasn’t properly determined. So i put the code back into the drawPresent function, which is executed after the setCanvas function. It does calculate the centre good now. Adding a detection border wasn’t that hard.

So, we start in the centre and hobble on from there. Watch it 🙂

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It was a quiet day today. I did eat an icecream this afternoon. A pear sorbet. It was nice. I watched the people walking by, biking by, driving by. Then i went to the Marqt. I bought bread, butter, tomato pepper soup, a can with large white beans, a can with black beans, a cheese croissant, cheese and pumpkin seed crispbread. I do think that was it. Then i went back home. I lied on the couch for a bit. Listening to music. But now it is quiet. I made some drawings. They are like old drawings. Like ones i used to make 25 – 30 years ago. I do like em. They do look like i made them with pencil. I didn’t. I made them in Photoshop, with a brush on 70% opacity. With a tablet. It felt good.

Enjoy your day.

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