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A walk in Rotterdam: the Essenburgsingel

This morning i went for a walk past some allotments, municipal gardens and other such initiatives in Rotterdam. I will make more walks like this over the next weeks. I won’t always find people to talk to, but it is good to see the gardens and its crops anyway.

De Spoortuin
I was lucky. There were people in the Spoortuin. I got an walk through the most amazing woody foresty garden, next to the railway and the Essenburgsingel, so close to the center of Rotterdam. The start of this garden is a municipal garden, with some areas for schools close by. Next a small building for the tools, with grapes growing outside of it. And then a narrow woody path besides the water, mint growing beside it. Some trees form bridges over narrow water inlets, good for fish, birds and frogs. A magnificent tree fallen down, with new trees growing straight up into the sky from its trunk. An extremely wide tree with thick ivy stalks grwoing up into its crown of leaves.

Rinus told me a few years back there was the intention to build houses in this place. The people living around it joined up together to fight this plan. They won! The garden is wonderful. I’ll go back there to make a couple more photos.

Links and photos
Wilde natuur in hartje Rotterdam, bestaat dat?







The rest of the walk
I was less lucky for the next part of the Essenburgsingel. Both gardens there were closed, the Educatieve Tuin Essenburgsingel and the Pluktuin. I did make photos of the entrances. All three of these gardens are part of the bigger Essenburg Park. I’m not sure how this area will develop, i will do more searches and hope to talk to people over there soon about this lovely area.



I walked further on, over the Mathenesserbridge and along the Mathenesserweg to the tube station Marconiplein. My old neighborhood. Some new housing, like my old house, demolished years ago. But other than that basically still the same. I took the tube back home. A good walk!



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Vacation time is over.

I had to get used to relaxing. Only the final few days i took it easier. Thursday i spent at home watching a the Hills rerun on MTV. I loved it. Going to the garden as well and enjoyed spending time there.

I did get quite a few ideas for posts. Some for songs, some for cooking, some for video’s. I made drafts for them. Ready to fill up with content and make final. As i did with this post, with the photo’s i made during these past two weeks. Not too many though.

So yes, i do feel a lot more relaxed now. Also ready to work again.

Hugs πŸ™‚






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Early harvest

Courgette harvest
Being lazy lying on the bench and staring at the sunscreen and the sky
Early tomato
Green pumpkin
Yello pumpkin
Rose hips
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The garden, some shopping, some planning and tv

I played a bit of vanilla wow this morning. I started a tauren shaman this week. I felt the need to be alone in the game for a bit. I don’t listen to global, full of requests and people talking and bickering about all sorts of things. I don’t have any friends on the horde side. So i’m simply playing along quietly all by myself. Good for an hour a day!

I will go to the garden once i’m dressed. Yesterday i was thinking about going this evening, but since i plan to go for a walk this afternoon, i thought i would be a bit tired afterwards. So i decided to go before. Simply water the tomatoes, the basil, the greenhouse plants. Sit and enjoy the sunshine for a while. Because the sun is shining! Yay!

And now i’m reading this article in the Guardian: The secret of taste: why we like what we like. I don’t think i’m part of the group of people written about. My taste hasn’t changed that much. I still have all my records. OK, apart from the ones i sold when i was 17 years old. Something i regretted most of my life. My taste in music is widening – apart from the Eagles, which i thoroughly dislike for the past twenty years or so. My taste in clothes, well, that does change. But slowly. I do enjoy wearing dresses with leggings nowadays. I don’t drive, so cars are simply not existent for me. And to be honest, my furniture is either given by friends, bought at IKEA, or bought second-hand. Ooh, and a Kewlox cabinet.


Potatoes, aardappelen
Orache, melde, tastes like spinach
Orache, melde
Zucchini, courgette
Zucchini, courgette
Onion family, ui familie and carrots, wortels
Leeks, prei, just planted and onions, uien
Beetroot, bietjes
Not sure πŸ™‚
Sugar carrot, suikerwortel
Cabbages, kolen
Corn, mais, beans, bonen and pumpkin, pompoen


I planned to walk this afternoon. But i didn’t. I stayed at the garden around an hour this morning. Someone came by and i showed her the garden and we talked a bit. I went to the shop on my way home. Bread, butter, eggs and some sort of sponge cake, eierkoeken. And then i played a little vanilla wow, watched Escape to the country and the instant gardener. I also slept a little. And now i feel tired.

But, i am gonna make a miso ramen soup now. That will wake me up for sure!


Watching The Devil Wears Prada. Liking it. I also made some clips of advertisements. Got this idea of making a short clip with those. Not sure how that will worj out, but i do like the idea. No music yet. Will search for a good bit tomorrow. Will also make new clips for it. But i have time. Also thought a bit about love. I might write a post about that. A bit surprised about all the ideas, but hey, i do like em.

Getting busy πŸ™‚

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Over the past two weeks i’ve been taking my camera to the garden with the goal of making photos of insects. The first week i took my phone with me, but almost all the shots were blurry. The only good photo was the one of the ladybug. The second week i took my camera with me. It does have a macro option, so i used that most of the time. Hard creatures to photograph, insects. But i did manage a few!

A ladybug, lieveheersbeestje
A worm, on my hand.
The earth, two worms and a ladybug. I also saw spiders, but they are very thin legged and hard to spot in a still image.
A blurry shot of a flying insect, but i do like this photo. Not sure what type the insect is, could be the larve of a ladybug. Doesn't look like a bee.
A moth
The moth, once more
A bright green insect. Looks like a young grasshopper.
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Today i worked at the Peace Garden. It was warm. A bit too warm to be honest. I did have plenty of water with me, and i ate some Peanuts Katjang Pedis. Which means they have a spicy coating. Good with this warm weather. I also ate some hazelnuts someone had picked in the wild. Good!

I went home around five, copied some photos i took to my computer, took a shower, put on a cotton knitted dress and my slippers and went back. There was a design meeting afterwards. Daniel cooked a great meal, with vegetables and potatoes from the garden. And some milk. And eggs. And some falafel balls from the AH. Which i loved. So yes, next on my list.

The meeting was interesting. I did talk a bit about my own position, which is very much of a beginner. I do have some things i know i can do without damaging anything: watering the plants in the greenhouse, walking through the garden and get out and garbage left there. As i am the earliest one usually, that is what i do. And when it is warm like today, i don’t mind at all sitting a bit and feel the warmth and listen to all the sounds and dream away a bit.

One weed i didn’t find today is the hedge bindweed, haagwinde. It looks quite lovely, with delicate leaves and nice looking flowers. But it does form an extensive root system and grows fast until 1,5 meters or even 3 meters tall. Best is to remove them completely, if possible.

Thistle, distel. You may remove the upcoming flowers so you postpone the spreading a bit. But best is to remove them with roots and all put them in the compost heap.
Grasses. Not terribly bad, but a continuous grower. Better remove.
Thistle and grasses.
Buttercups, boterbloemen. The lower climbing ones are quite horrible. Remove.
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Growing growing growing

I worked in the garden again today. It wasn’t cold, but it was wet. A mild rain running through the entire afternoon. Halfway i didn’t care anymore and let myself get wet and sat on the ground.

I took photos of the different vegetables and fruits growing in the garden. The weather has been good the past two weeks. Around 20ΒΊC usually – apart from last weekend, when it was a lot colder – and a bit of rain almost every day. All the vegetables are growing fiercely. So are the weeds, the thistles, the grasses, buttercups that stay low on the ground. It is lovely to walk through and look at all the green lusciousness. I don’t know for how long i will work in this garden, to be honest. But for now i’m enjoying myself thoroughly.

I’ve been planting the seedlings today. Beetroot, some leftover corn, a bit of courgette.

Next the photos. Adding a description for the ones i know, the other ones, sorry, you have to tell me what they are. I’m still a beginner gardener.

Onion type, like spring onion. A green chicory.
Onion type, and i think in the middle carrots?
Leeks? The other things i don't know.
Onion type, again.
Sugar carrots, i hope!
Red currants
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