Pot Luck October 2018

It is cold today. The first day of the wintertime. A long day. It still feels like it should be later right now. Only 21:11.

There was a Pot Luck this evening at the Vredestuin. I didn’t expect many people. We joked beforehand, Jorinde and me, that maybe it would be just the two of us. But it was quite busy! Around twelve people turned up. We chatted. Sang a few songs. Sat around the fire, which made it feel not that cold. Our behinds were cold though. And the few moments i walked away i felt the chill in the wind.

I made a potato, onion, courgette and green tomato dish to cook upon the wood fire. Someone else bought a dessert, a thick sweet semolina porridge with currants. Vegan. I still had some quince cake i baked this morning. I’m still full.

A lovely evening!

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