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Drawings for presents

A few days ago i cleaned up the lower bit of the big closet behind my desk. I plan to do more drawing. With pencil, crayon, watercolour. Up to A3 size format. I set my old skechbooks there. I went through them. In this one there are a few important drawings. The drawing for the printed cards i still have loads of. The drawing i used for my old site as the preview page. A drawing from me standing on the world, used in homebase.

Very different drawings from now. A bit more anime style. I like em, but i don’t do drawings like these anymore. Right now, i’m happy i’m back to drawing. And photography. And video 🙂

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Self portraits

Drawings i made 26 October 1988, for an assignment of art school, first class. I did find this in a map with old school work. Even some work from the TU Delft, where i did water colour presentation classes. There are some other portraits too, but they are different. For this post i only include the ones with this date.

And no, i don’t smile here. It is hard to smile when you are working hard and try to get something on the paper.

I do still like these. It has been years since i tried to make a self portrait. I did make a few drawings in the beginning of lfs, when i was still the Architect of Change. But those are very different, much more girl teen book illustration type drawings. When i made these drawings i was much more a fan of Giacometti. 🙂








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