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Yesterday i worked in the Peace Garden and talked with the intern about many things: her education, her future plans, my ideas on abortion and sex. Back home i came across this article Hoe het economisch model ons ziek maakt 1 (How the economic model makes us sick). An unhealthy lifestyle costs the Belgian welfare tens of billions of euros each year.

  • air pollution: 17 billion euro
  • problematic alcohol consumption: 9 billion euro
  • tabacco: 13 billion euro

(Figures are for Belgium.)

A week ago in the Netherlands the government came with the plan to reduce livestock numbers, a short explanation you can read in The Netherlands’ Farm Crisis, Explained 2. Dutch animal farming is among the most intensive in the world. A 100 million chickens, 11.4 million pigs and 3.8 million cows. The highest livestock density in the world. We do need to take care of this and lessen the amount of animals living in this small country.

These are only two examples how the current industry and agriculture spoil our living world. Two amongst many.

My main focus is not to thoroughly investigate how all these global industries work. I want to ask questions. As many as i can. Not give any answers.

1. Hoe het economisch model ons ziek maaktSamenleving & Politiek

2. The Netherlands’ Farm Crisis, Explained

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