I am talking with a television presenter, about all kinds of subjects. I react to a Scritti Politti song being played live, in that television studio. Happy. Elated. Maybe singing along – not sure about that to be honest. I am going to the Oscars, in a beautiful eccentric dress, made especially for me. It is difficult. But i can keep it up. Because of my boyfriend, someone who i love so much.

A daydream.

It is difficult to let this go. Twenty four hours in a day. I read, watch youtube, watch netflix, watch television, play world of warcraft. Still time left to daydream.

A part of me thinks i am alright as i am right now. Yeah, i should think more, better, deeper. Still not doing that. Another part of me thinks i need to hurry up and get fierce and speak up clear and bright.

I hope it is the last bit i wrote. Hurry up! Get fierce! Speak up clear and bright!

And fame is not what matters to me. It would rather be a nuisance to me if it were to happen. But i still think it is a viable path for me to take.

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