Time passing

Reading the book Guns, Germs and Steel made me aware of the continuous speeding up of time worldwide. As figure 1.1 shows, human beings came into existence aruond 7 million years ago. Six million years later they spread out towards South West Asia, India and the south part of China. Half a million years later humans spread out towards Europe. Time is counted in millions of years, then ten thousand years, than thousands of years. Now in 2021 it is counted in days, seconds even.

We have spread out all around this earth we live on. This green and blue planet, this fertile soil we claim as our right, our property. Ours to do with as we please.

It is not right. We have to take care of this planet with so much more care. We lost our innocence a couple of hundred years ago, and i’m taking a rough guess here. It’s greed and selfishness which does make things worse. Unbelievable.

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