Keeping quiet

I am still thinking about my future. If i have one. I enjoy the walks i make almost every day. I enjoy smiling at people, saying hi, good morning, good afternoon, good day, sometimes chat with them, looking at the dogs, sometimes patting them. Simple things.

I try to make my head clear, see around me, think about the things happening. This is difficult. It is so easy to let the society in which i live determine me. The people around me determine me. I feel the space around me becoming smaller, tighter. Money. Yes.

I still have enough for the next year. But i don’t want to wait till its all gone.

I am getting closer, i can feel it. But it is hard.

I would like to write about science, personal big data, shopping / retail, gardening, permaculture, movies and their meanings, the life people lead, dogs and cats and birds, food and so many other things. Most of these things i have already written about sure. But to try and get it all into one perspective. Yes!

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