I am not afraid to catch corona myself. I live alone, i do not see that many people. Only when i am outside in the garden. Outside the contamination is minimal.

I try to keep my head straight. It is difficult to decide who to trust and who not. Not sure i make the right decisions. I hope i do. I read some online newspapers. It does take a lot of time.

I do think this pandemic is actually not that severe. It is contagious, yes. But the percentage of people dying from it is rather low. To me, it is comparable to influenza. The main difference is that COVID (Coronavirus Disease) is a new disease and humans are not immune to it.

On the other hand, corona until now (january 19 2021) has taken around 2,040,000 people’s lives. From the Dutch figures i have learned 91% from all deaths in the Netherlands are over 70. The older you are, the higher chance you have more vulnerability factors.

I am worried about this pandemic though. The various mutations have different characteristics. So far the main difference is in infectivity.

Like i said at the top of this post, i am not afraid to catch corona. If i do, i hope it will be a mild version. I i die, it is simply the way it can go. Of course i hope i will stay healthy.

[…] The anthropogenic destruction of biodiversity is paving the way to the pandemic era and could result in as many as 850,000 viruses being transmitted from animals – in particular birds and mammals – to humans. The “exponential rise” in consumption and trade of commodities such as meat, palm oil, and metals, largely facilitated by developed nations, and a growing human population, are the primary drivers of this destruction.

In a press conference on 28 December 2020 Dr Mike Ryan, head of the WHO Emergencies Program and other officials said the current COVID-19 pandemic is “not necessarily the big one” and “the next pandemic may be more severe.” They called for preparation.

All quotes from this article are from Wikipedia: Pandemic.

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