Walking in the cold

I left home around one, headed towards the garden. My plan was to get my bike on my way over there. After around five minutes i realized that i didn’t have the key for my bike with me. Ooh well, another day then. No rush.

I bought almonds on my way over, salted smoked almonds. I am doing my best with the keto diet. I have been hiding things from myself too much. The bread i like to eat, the cookies i like, the french fries i enjoy so much. I have started measuring my glucose again. In the morning it is so high. I really need to get a grip on this. Loose some weight, be a bit more firm with myself, get it under control. Do it!

So, yes, walking to the garden. I was the first, i went into the kitchen and set up water for tea and made coffee. It was raining, it was cold. Terrible really. We sat under the roof outside and talked about things to do. I realized i didn’t feel like working at all. So yeah, that is what i said. I walked back home. Pffff.

This song was stuck in my mind. Big City from Tol Hansse.

Halfway back home this song got stuck, Lovely Dy from Bill Withers. Yo be honest, i like this one better than Big City. I think i heard it last week, not sure where.

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