The Now

In my teens years i read a lot of science fiction. Frank Herbert’s Dune, books written by Robert Heinlein, Jack Vance, Ursula Le Guin. Tolkien of course. Scifi and fantasy books.

Time travel was a popular topic. It is an easy way to play with time and the world and the rules of the universe. You can move back and forth. You can clean up a room, make it all neat once again. You can go back to school and imagine you are young once more.

But you are not. You never do go back. Not in reality.

We all, we all who live on this world, this earth, this planet, this universe, we all move forward with each other. And each now fades away, each now is impossible to catch, each now is nothing in your hands.

This morning we talked about this for a short time on the market. I talked about those moments we all remember, those moments something significant changed. Those moments the airplanes flew into the World Trade Centers. Those moments the Berlin Wall fell down. Those moments Princes Diana died. Those moments seared into your mind. Those moments most of us were all focused on these events taking place, all living in the same time, occupied with the same thing happening. Those moment the now ticks away the seconds and moves on and on and on.

Tick tick tick …

Most of the time each person lives in his or her own world. But there are times when something significant happens in the world. When all people talk about the same thing. Currently COVID-19 is that thing. Not for me personally i have to say. I am not scared, not worried.

I do think about these moments when most people are looking a certain way, talking about a certain thing. I wonder if i would like to be in the center of such an attention span. Hmm, i think i say that wrong. Not would like to be, but if i could handle it, keep inside me, not forget about what i want in life. Which to me is so important.

On the market i actually sang along. …Baby one more time from Britney Spears. Happy to do so.


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