Which way

As i said last week in Growing up slowly:

I am still not sure which way to go. I hope i will find something to move me soon. It might be my drawing. I hope it is. Not sure though. I hope i can find a first step to take with confidence.

I am not happy with my life as it is today. I am not happy with what i do, not happy with the people i see. Some i find really nice, some i appreciate a lot. But yes, i do feel like most people around me are trying to hold me back. Warning me of what might happen. Warning me of the dangers. Ending up on the street with no money at all.

I get that.

I do have to be honest with myself. I am waiting for something, and it doesn’t come. I need to get up and do something myself. I have these ideals and fantasies, well, prove it. Show them. Do it. Do it now!

Well, that’s me being dramatic. I just have to keep going on. Find a bit of rest. And draw, keep up this blog. Simple things really. Follow my own thoughts, not the ones other people are telling me. Simple 🙂

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