My final day in the house

Yesterday evening was my final evening in the house. I do feel a bit nervous, and this is just an in between stop. But for a month i do have a place to stay. I’ll be busy looking for another place.

Yesterday evening i asked Ted to lay the tarot for me once more.

The first card was the Fool. Being prepared to follow your calling. To lead the right road. Listen to your inner voice. Be foolish.

The card laid over it is the Queen of Swords. To judge clearly, intelligently, independent.

The final card is the High Priestess. Wisdom, intuition. Inner conflicts.

The cards in between show the Star, the World, the Empress. A desire for celebration, a feeling of being alone without sight and ability to move, a learning place. The helping card show a clear judgement, an ability to act and a clear view of the goal with everything pointing towards it.

I settle for that. 🙂

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