To the dentist and a bit of shopping

This morning i got out of bed quite early. I ate my breakfast, oats and got ready to walk to the dentist. It was so quiet on the streets. The sun was shining. Some people were outside. I managed to stay clear of them. When i entered the dentist’s place i cleaned my hands with the hand sanitizer hanging at the entrance. I said my name to the receptionist behind the glass panel. I sat down and waited for around ten minutes.

I’m relieved to say that the whole dentist thing was not as bad as i anticipated. The anaesthetic was the most painful feeling. It did numb the whole lower right face. In two weeks time i have another appointment with the dentist dor a new bracelet, this time behind my teeth.

On the way back, my face still half numb, i went into the Gimsel. This time the entrance was one door to the right. Spirit, the vegetarian restaurant over there is closed. At the entrance there was hand sanitizer and paper towels. Inside the shop i waited when i wanted something where somebody else was looking for something.

Weird weird weird.

I’m not afraid. Not scared. But this does impress me.

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