My almost empty house

Stuff to take with me to the new place i will be staying at for four months
I can still play music. Quite happy with that! 🙂
Went through my old medicines. Some for my cats, some for me. Brought the cat ones already to the vet. Will bring my own to the chemist.
Stuff i will bring to Piekfijn. Already brought them some clothes today.
Magazines and books to give away
To throw away
Clothes to take with me to my new place
Make up, creams and balms to take with me
Top: materials to make body butters and other things with. Middle: old clock which i will have mended some day in future. Bottom: handkerchiefs, garden clothes and sleeping shirts.
De calvados will be finished this week. Stuff to store. A bottle of wine i'm not sure what to do with. Medicines and needle and thread case i will take with me.
The couch will go away. For now it is the place i sleep and sit.
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