The price

Today i put some more old books in the give away cupboard. I walked to the market and bought a cauliflower and fresh garlic. I plan to make some cauliflower rice recipes.

I bought a kroket and sat down and ate it in front of the library. Watching the people walking by. So many people hide the way they feel. A man sat down a few metres away from me. He started singing. I enjoyed that. It was too far away to hear the song he was singing. When i walked away i could hear a siren of a police car and a ambulance coming closer. It made me feel creepy. Like the world was gonna blow up any minute.

Now i’m home. I’ve been watching some youtube videos. Drank a cup of tea with a currant and coconut bun.

My mind is full of fantasies, of dreams, of hopes and wishes. I know it is most likely none of these will ever happen. But still. You never know. I am thinking of one other thing. What will it cost me? What is the price i need to pay? For something most people just get when they are young and don’t know what to wish for. Something which most people will leave behind like it is nothing.

A boyfriend. Someone to love. Someone to chat with. Cuddle with. Laugh with. Spend hours cooking for. Spend lying on the couch together reading a book. Listening to music. Talk about the world with. A true friend. I hope anyway 🙂

I still need to learn. Get to know the world. The people.

Never give up hope. Never.

Two more posts this year. After Friday i will take a two week break. In 2020 i will be back.

Enjoy the Christmas days if you celebrate them. Enjoy the New Year’s Eve!


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