Dark Enlightenment

A couple of months ago i came across the term Dark Enlightenment for the first time on the Dutch website decorrespondent.nl. I was intrigued. The post, in Dutch, is a short introduction to this movement. Another term for this movement is neoreaction or NRx. It is an antidemocratic and reactionary movement.

There are two main marks for this movement.

  • the West is in decline and democracy is a farce
  • the ‘cathedral’ of media and science needs to be broken down

Wikipedia provides a short page about the term.

Nick Land ‘s name drops often. The name Dark Enlightenment he drops in the essay The Dark Enlightenment.

To my surprise the name Richard Dawkins is mentioned in this essay. I read his book The God Delusion a couple of weeks ago. I got this book from the heritage of my deceased stepfather. Truly, i didn’t enjoy this book that much. It felt to me to be very angry, extremely argumentative in its tone. Not that i disagree with everything he writes. But, i don’t agree with everything either.

Peter Thiel said in the article The Education of a Libertarian the following:

I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.

Truthfully, i don’t reach a conclusion here. I am born in a left wing family. I still feel like that. But my curiosity is peaked. Still, there are many sides to this movement which i don’t like at all. I don’t have a fully formed theory on our world in its current state. I still need to read the articles i linked to in this post.

This post is a link to what i have found so far. As much a reading list for myself as for you.

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