Sunday. The garden.

I started with cleaning up the sides of the garden, the round square in front of the garden and the surrounding grass fields. It was quite messy. Plastic wrappings, plastic bottles, capsules for laughing gas, cigarette buts, plastic straws, cigarette wrappings, small plastic bags for candy or pot, stuff from MacDonalds. I don’t know why people leave that all just lying around.

When the rest came, we drank tea and coffee. Ronald had brought cookies. Too sweet, of course. Still quite yummy. I took one. But when DaniĆ«l came with a chocolate letter, the S, i couldn’t resist.

I ended up working alone in the main garden. The rest went to the other side for a walk through and of course the chicken run. I weeded one side and half a part of the rows. The sun started to shine more during the afternoon. I sat for a while at the table and ate a bit of my apple and yogurt salad i had brought with me. After that i sat still, with my hands on the table, my glasses of. I listened to the sounds surrounding me. The cars driving by. The trains. A few birds. People talking. A tram passing by. The sun was shining in my face. Sometimes hiding a bit behind the clouds. But peeking through a lot. I felt so quiet.

I will meditate. This week. I have done this before, but the past ten years, no. I am looking for quietness in myself. Or simply listening to everything outside me.

Still… sshhhh…

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