My bag

Around six years ago i bought my current bag, a black leather bag with every part closed with a zipper. A bright blue cloth on the inside of the bag. The bag is from Fred de la Bretoniere. I have known this designer most likely from the 80s, when i read Dutch magazines like the Avenue, from which i’m pretty sure they published about his bags and shoes.

In 2010, in my holiday, i walked through the Bijenkorf and went through his bags to see if there was any i particularly liked. There is a large variety of bags. The black leather zipper one i thought would be convenient for me. A cross shoulder band, closed good, not too expensive. I mean, around 160 / 170 euros. Still quite a lot of money, but not like other bags over a 1000 euros.

From 2010 to this day i am using this bag. I do have some old bags in my closet. Another black leather, but with no shoulder band. A brown leather one with one main inner compartment. A cloth one with printed flowers. Another cloth one with a orange inside. I liked that one. Sad it got broken.

So yes, this is my current bag, the one which has all the stuff inside which i might need when i’m not at home. Of course my house keys, my wallet, a book for notes with behind it a paper bag for my business cards, my phone, headphones, one moisturizing lip balm, one from Laura Mercier with a berry color, my passport, contact lenses, mirrors, a comb, a small flask with perfume, hand cream.

I love this bag!

Ooh, when i go to the garden i use a neck wallet with only my house keys and phone. Occasionally a debit card when i want to do some shopping afterwards.

The outer compartment, with a shorter zipper than the other side, holds my wallet and my house keys
The broader outer compartment holds my lip balm, hand cream, nail clipper, a mirror, tooth picks and perfume
The inner compartment. There are two small open compartments on one side, one with a zipper on the other
My phone, headphones and a flash drive in the two open compartments
In the main inside a notebook, a pen, some paper handkerchiefs
In the zipped compartment in the inside my passport, menstrual pads (from which i put all but one in my toilet bag after i made these photos), a comb and a little bag
In the little bag, contact lenses, a mirror, pain killer tablets, an old flickr business card and a Scritti Politti badge
The bag
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