The post after food

I was so tired these past few days. Friday morning i went to the garden, i felt ok. I did talk about my post a bit during tea break.

That afternoon, back home, i actually went to bed again. I don’t think i really slept, i was just lying there. That night i think i actually slept. So tired.

It was not that the post itself was so much effort to write. But i did write a few things there which are really important to me. Writing it was a mixture of rereading some articles i linked, some daydreams, and some thinking i did. And yes, it is important to me. It may not be that important to other people, but that doesn’t matter to me right now.

So i did get ideas for new posts. News, politics, business. Those three subjects. In that order. I already started reading the wikipedia post on news. News will be the first one published. But i got to write it first!

So i’m writing this bit on Saturday. Still feeling tired.

Maybe i will write a bit more tomorrow. Not sure yet.


It is Sunday evening. I worked all afternoon in the garden. Planting leeks. Made some photos from insects. Haven’t looked at them yet. Came home around a quarter past eight. Made a quick soup with udon and pepper and ginger and some leaves from the garden and onions and tofu. I wasn’t really that hungry, but i did ate it all.

I’m still tired. But i do feel a bit better.

And tomorrow it is the solstice!


Monday morning. I realised last night i won’t be writing about news, politcs and business. I’m interested, but they are not my world. I hardly know anything about it, not anything specific.

I feel good i decided against it. Not my thing.

Still happy i wrote the food post.

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