I remember a dream from last night. This is rare. I don’t remember them at all the past ten? twenty? years.

I was staying in a hotel. I went to the canteen to get something to eat. It was a proper canteen, with sweets stacked up at the sales person. I was standing there and i realized i had forgotten to get a tray. I looked back and saw a line of people standing behind me. I also saw a tray in front of me, but with stuff stacked upon it. I did get it and moved the stuff of. To the dismay of the sales person.

Today will be a slow day. I know i should do some cleaning in my house. It has been on my mind for the past week or two. So i hope i will finally do a bit today.


I did clean my bathroom! Yay!

I went out to do a bit of shopping. But i went to the Stairs at the Central Station first. Went all the way up! I did stand still twice. It is quite a climb. On top i went all around again. I didn’t film anything at the top, but i did film going up and going down. I might do something just with those films, the stairs.

When i got back home i made my last coffee. Tea from now on. No cream and no sugar in there. I watched Escape to the country on the BBC. Then i sat behind my computer and checked my mail, twitter and facebook. And hey! Carolien has made an comment on my last post:

Thank you Ellen, for this. For inviting me and Jeroen in your dancing. The two of us don’t dance often enough anyway. The courage to create your life daily. I like it. Lieve groet, Carolien

Thank you Carolien! I do hope one day we will have a dance evening for real.



I watched half Back to the Future. I’ve seen it like ten times, or more. Still like it.

I did just turn it of. Don’t feel like watching the whole movie.

Outside it’s raining. Lightning too. No thunder though. Not yet anyway. The sound of water running down you can hear clearly.

Earlier i did import the movies i made today in iMovie. I think i will make a movie will just the stairs bit. Something with a rhythm? Hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. I do have enough footage now.

Going to bed now. Read a bit, watch some youtube clips. Gardening tips!

Good night!

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