Two thousand fifteen

This past year has been wild. For me. Not that anybody will have noticed. I’m outwardly quiet, friendly. I smile a lot. At home, alone, i work, i read, i sing, i dance, i watch tv. And i blog.

This year i discovered so many new things. Things i love to do. Not that i’m particularly good at them. The singing. I don’t play any instrument, so it’s a cappella for me. And yes, that is difficult. It is hard to keep it all in the same tone, it is hard to remember all the details of a song, the ooohs and aaahs, the lalalala’s and the sighs and sounds. But i do love it.

The video clips. Closer to me, closer to what i’ve been doing the biggest part of my life. I had a first discovery wild energetic go at it. Now it’s a bit more controlled. I do like the mixing of the singing and the video clips. Excellent.

This year is also a year of looking back. The books i read, the works i made, the thoughts i had. I don’t know why i stopped working in 2006. But i do feel better now. I’m not all quiet and serene, not at all. But i have ideas of what i would like to do mostly.

Getting it done is something else. Making it my work, with which i can earn a living, is something else. But that is what i wish for the most.

I have a bit more time. I got a bit of money, still. I’m not there yet.

I don’t understand where i get this trust from. I know it’s made up, by me. At times i do feel worried extremely. But it always passes. On the whole, i’m feeling entirely happy. Wonderful. Great!

I’ll leave you with this. Enjoy your weekend. Smell the fresh air. Make a walk. Drink tea. Eat a cookie. Smile.

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