A lovely day

This morning i slept in a bit. I came out of bed a quarter past ten. I cooked an egg. I set it up with cold water, turned out the gas when the water boiled and set a timer at 5 minutes. Tomorrow i’ll set the timer to 4 minutes once again. Sometimes that might be a bit too soft, but i still like it loads.

I played a bit of warcraft. On a private server, the Rebirth, a 1x vanilla server, 1.12. I don’t play lots, only around half an hour till an hour a day. Winter Veil started again. Today i did the Metzen quest. I still remembered it from retail. I knew he was in Tanaris. My main rogue is level 52, so i could walk in easily in between all the level 43 – 44’s there.

I listened to some music. The loudspeakers don’t work. Last Thursday there was a brief electricity failure. After that they simply don’t work. I tried the cd player, but that has the same problem. I can hear the music very faintly, even when i put the sound at its loudest. Today i reconnected the wires, but that didn’t help. Hopefully i’ll be able to fix it later on. But today i listened through my Apple headphones.

I set out and collected all the papers i need to send to the tax office. I’m gonna get a statement from the tax office about this life insurance thing i had for the past five years. I stopped it, but i need a statement in which it is said what amount i deducted from my tax papers each year. As far as i know, i had put up nothing. I did ask my accountant if he knew anything about it, and he had said no. So this should mean i get more money back from the insurance. I did call the tax phone to check the address i need to send this too. The last time i called, i was told i should send it too the Office in Middelburg. All these sort of statements are being done now by that office. Only since a couple of weeks. Glad i was told in time. I walked to an outside printer’s shop to print 2 pdf files and copy the insurance policy. It is in the post now. Phew.

I walked back through town. I got me a chips with mayo. I looked around, sitting on the edge of a small green area, across from Amac, the Apple store. I went in there for a short time after i finished my chips. I looked at the iPad Pro. Hmm. Not too large. Quite lovely. Hmm.

When i got home, around four, i realized The Great British Bake Off was on. A repeat of this years show. So i turned on the tv and watched the end of it. Escape to the Country. Home Comforts at Christmas. Dr. Phil. Terrible story on there. Koken met van Boven is back! I like that show. Also a cookery show, but with attention to where the food comes from. I had to laugh when the presenter, Yvette, pulled this big smile when she was whisking the eggnog mixture. Or rather, in Dutch, advocaat! A drink i’m actually used to seeing my old aunts drink around Easter. But in the US it is a Christmas drink. I should actually make it someday. Eggs, sugar and brandy. Nothing really difficult about that!

And all this day i thought about this article i started last Friday. The world is terrible. I only wrote the first paragraph. The rest is still in my head. I do hope it will be finished this week, but we’ll see. I think, i hope, i wish it to be a special article. We’ll see.

It’s almost nine here. In a few minutes Simply Nigella will start. She smiles too much in her shows. I do enjoy the recipes, but pfff. It is all a bit fake.

Enjoy your day. Kiss!

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