Three girl rhumba

It was most likely around 1981 when i got to know Wire. I do have their first album Pink Flag on vinyl. And a live album Document and Eyewitness (1981). Over the years Wire kept popping up. I bought the cd’s of Chairs Missing and 154 in the 90s. I do have these albums on cassette, but since my cassette player is in the attic, i don’t play my old cassettes anymore.

I had another song in my playlist, Mannequin. Also a song from Pink Flag, as is Three Girl Rhumba. I still might do Mannequin, one day. I could have picked other songs, but i do love the lyrics of Three Girl Rhumba. I don’t know what this song is about. No idea. But i do enjoy numbers! So.. i divide it by two. I open a box. Tear of the lid. Don’t think of an answer. Don’t get swept under. A number is a number. I want to avoid the inevitable. So i do the impossible. I just wanna rhumba. There is no way i’m gonna go under. Go under. Go under.

Hmm… this actually does make sense to little old crazy me.


Three Girl Rhumba – Wire
Think of a number, divide it by two
Something is nothing, nothing is nothing

Open a box, tear off the lid
Then think of a number, don’t think of an answer

Open your eyes, think of a number
Don’t get swept under, a number’s a number

A chance encounter you want to avoid the inevitable
So you do, oh yes you do the impossible

Now you ain’t got a number, you just want to rhumba
And there ain’t no way you’re gonna go under

Go under, go under, go under, go under
You tell me asunder
Go under, go under, go under, yeah

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