Pump it up

It’s.. well… it’s me dancing. And the only thing i notice is my weight! Grrr.

I don’t feel like i have the weight that i have. I am trying to loose a bit, but not too fast, and not by dieting. I should quit eating cookies! But still, i do love to dance, and i do love these gif animations.

I did try some other songs: Rick Astley’s ‘Never gonna give you up’ didn’t work for me today. Then Pump it up. And then i tried some other songs of my MIX playlists on Spotify. And then my camera was full. After i copied the files to my computer i decided to stick with the Pump it up one. I mean, it’s ok, i guess. Anyway, i will upload the file to youtube now. Will publish it too there. I don’t have any followers on youtube. 🙂

I am happy with the position of the camera. I moved the table to the window, creating a large open space where i can dance. I did set up the camera on the table on a tripod. It’s just right.

For the ones who are willing to face the torture i’ve faced, the original clip, unedited. With the music! Elvis Costello with Pump it up.

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  • Vegi says:

    I see someone who should definitely loose some weight! And that’s your cat, so big belly! 😀

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