I started to buy brushes i think like 6 years ago. Make up brushes that is. They are wonderful! Most are MAC brushes, one Bobbi Brown, and a couple i bought in the art shop not far from where i live. I actually bought my paints, water colours, papers and all other stuff in that shop, Harolds, when i was still making real drawings. Like two months ago, when i was looking into some of my old boxes with pencils and charcoal and eraser i found a couple of really thin brushes i actually put into my make up pot. I could use them for doing a really thin eyeliner. One time i used one of these for it, it worked really well!

I did clean my brushes today. To be honest i don’t do that enough, it was months ago since i last did that. It is usually advised to clean your brushes once a week at least. But ooh well, i don’t use that much make up lately anyway. But i do admit, it is a good feeling having them standing there all clean!

The last brush i bought when i got the Mac Prep + Prime finishing powder, the Mac 150. This is a large brush used for well... spreading a finishing powder.
A smaller brush i do use for the occasional blush, the Mac 116. It gives good placement of the colour. I use it for bronzer too, the one time a year i use that.
One of my favourites! And from other people too! The Mac 239 has a tapered rounded edge. I use it primarily for building up eyeshadow on my eyelids. One of the best brushes there is.
Another favourite, the 217. This one is for eyeshadows too, i use it for putting eyeshadow in the crease and blending it. Wonderful!
The 224 is a softer blending brush. I don't use it as much as the 217 i admit. Still good to have it.
Another art brush. I don't use this one that much, but when i do, it's for blending eyeshadow!
The 219 pencil brush. Great for working on smaller spots, like the outer part above eyelids and below the eye.
A brush from the art store. I use this for eyeshadow, to put fine lines near my wimpers. Works good for that specific area.
This is the brush i bought for eyeliner, the Mac 209. It is a bit too thick to be honest. My eyeliners are usually quite thin.
A small brush i use for eyeliner. Makes really fine lines. I did use this brush for watercolours like... 30 years ago!
Teeny tiny brush which i could also use for eyeliner. Might be great for the inner part of the eye, if you want to make a pointy edge there. Haven't done that yet!
A lipbrush i bought when i got the Russian Red. A great flat brush with a rounded top. It makes a good edge.
A Bobbi Brown concealer brush with artificial hairs. I don't use this as much. I'm still struggling with concealer to be honest. I remember when i bought this, i was helped by a salesperson. She had put the concealer on so thick it just felt really ugly. But you never know, i might find a use for it.
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