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It’s been weeks, months even since i put nail polish on my nails. Currently my nails are short, and they do flake rather easily, so i keep them short. I use a glass nail file to shorten them. And i do have this nail polisher to put a bit of shine on them. But last week i did get the idea of making a post about my nail polishes. And today i thought i will do it even better and put different polishes on my nails. Nudes on the two outer fingers, and a bright colour on the middle one. So yes, here we go!

OPI Tickle my francey, Chanel Frenzy, Essie Chinchilly, Dior Safari Beige
Essie Too too hot, Chanel Mimosa, Nars Adelita
From thumb till pinky: Frenzy, Safari Beige, Mimosa plus Adelita, Chinchilly, Tickle my francey.
The same colour here on the two outer fingers, Too too hot with teh Nars Adelita as a topcoat on the middle finger.

To be honest, my nails look pretty good now, apart from them being too short. But i do know that one way of getting them longer is to put nail polish on them. The cuticles are clean and not bitten. I do envy people who have long nailbeds. For instance Sabrina’s The beauty look book nails are amazing. She has the most amazing nails with long nailbeds and so very well taken care of. My nailbeds are short. Nothing i can do to change that. I always feel my nails are like little kids nails.

But, I still love doing them!

Ooh, on my right thumb the skin is a bit dried. That’s because i actually still do suck my thumb. When i lie in bed. Or sit on the couch and watch tv. I know. You don’t need to tell me anything!

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