My ten favourite 2015 posts

It’s been a year since i started writing on Ellen’s blog. A good time to show my favourite posts.

In no particular order:

A highly condensed, but still truthful story of my life.

A walk from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland
I made many walks the past year. This one remains one of the best. Over the beach.

The world is terrible
My Christmas speech. I know, i should think more, deeper. I should talk with other people! But still, i do like this one, lots.

A new selfie
A new selfie. I like my choice.

Let it go
My favourite song of 2015. I do need lessons in singing though!

Snow White
One of my favourite fairy tales.

Rotterdam – The people
One video clip. I could have picked any to be honest. I do like this one though. Happy and sad.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Salty Caramel Sauce
Deliciously wicked dessert.

Contactsheets and More Contactsheets
I love these portraits.

Walking the tightrope
I still do this every time i walk there. I do need to make a sidestep, because the new outlet there sets a writing board too close to it. But it’s ok.

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