Sunday 23 July 2023

An ordinary Sunday. Not much different from the other Sundays i experienced over the past couple of months.

I showered, washed my hair, watched Het Filosofisch Kwintet which is also broadcast as a podcast. Halfway through i went into town. I first went into Donner and serched for the book Wool written by Hugh Howey, the basis for the series Silo recently on Apple TV. The book wasn’t in the shop. When i asked at the information desk it was back ordered and will arrive in a couple of days. I ordered it.

I walked back, bought something to eat and went into the supermarket. Then back home.

I am unsure about the current state of my life. It still feels like an in between phase i’m at. I still need to come to terms with my current job as a housekeeping help for people needing it.

Hopefully something will come to fruition. Like the video clip i have been thinking about for months. Which is still only in its initial stage.

I don’t know. I can only hope.

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