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Looking back on Oct 29, 2015

More than five years ago i made this video. I used the beginnings and thoughtless pieces i had filmed. The moving in past the floor and the window and the ceiling of my old house. This is a piece of work i love.

I just watched it again.Seeing the parts of my old home, seeing my face, my eyes as it was five years ago. It brought tears in my eyes.

I am still not sure how to turn my life around. I hope i will manage it.


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My House Rewatched

Today i rewatched a couple of clips i made several years ago, in 2015. Five years ago. It feels like yesterday, but it is also so far away.

The video i made in my house touched me. My cats are in there. Both of them, still looking healthy, a bit overweight. My things, my bed, the living room, the sliding doors.

It is good i’m watching these clips once again. I see the wobbliness, the haphazard editing. But i also see my life as it was then. I see the joy i feel while i am filming.

I have come a long way. I am still going on. I am not giving up. Not yet. Not while i have something to say. Something i believe in. With the whole of my heart.


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The past six months i have been filming and editing and thinking about this short film. The last two months i asked friends if they wanted to participate. Most replied with a yes. Something i am very happy with. I am still not completely sure what this movie is about. One part is about people. Walking, playing, shopping. Living their lives. It is also about me living my life here in the centre of Rotterdam. I’m open to other meanings.

I hope you like it. Enjoy 🙂

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