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In this video i added clips i filmed the past two months. I didn’t film for a bit after the last video i made five months ago. I had to give myself a bit of time to think about these video’s.

The music in this video is from Idris Muhammed. The music i’ve known ever since i got 1989 Paul’s Boutique from the Beastie Boys. Only a couple of years ago when i found this playlist from a fan with all music sampled on this cd i discovered Idris Muhammed. This particular song Loran’s Dance is wonderful.

Some of the clips, the ones made in the Kralingse Bos, i made this week. The three starting the video are from that walk. I love the sound of the birds. The sounds of the cars not so much, but that is life in a big city. It is still part of the scene. I also love the end scene. I sat in the Heemtuin for a while in front of a swan sleeping in front of me. He woke up and started to wash himself.

I didn’t edit this movie that much. I did hustle all the clips, apart form the beginning and the end. I also added cross dissolve transitions between each clip. I did shorten around half of the clips, but still left them rather long. I enjoy watching these long clips, the wind blowing, the people walking and talking and smiling.

The title! Well, that wasn’t easy. For a couple of days i was trying to find a good title. Yesterday i typed in Life. I liked it. I still do.


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Video: Searching for mr Right

Last week i got the idea to make a video clip for one of my a cappella songs. I needed some days to think about it. Then i had some days recording, trying edits in iMovie, playing around with colouring, or making the clip black and white, or blue.

Today i got the final idea. Colour, but a bit drained, a bit cooler. No cuts. I even left in the beginning and the end. It is one recording. Even though i recorded this in the afternoon, the weather is dark, it is windy and it’s raining the whole time. So yes, the clip is dark. But i like that. When i watched the clip on my phone, i thought “this could be it”. And it was. Completely right.

This song, Searching for mr Right, i have always liked.

I’m happy with this clip. I have many more songs recorded, so yes, expect some more! I don’t know yet which song will be next, i have to listen to them and see which one i want to work on. Hopefully next week.

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My video clips

I’m spending a lot of time this week thinking, feeling tired and resting. My mind is stirring up a bit more today. But still, a half way post about my newest project: video clips. Half way? Better word is a start.

I do feel really happy making these clips. I don’t know why i didn’t start making video’s years ago. I even had animation at art school. But yes, 25 years ago time was really different. Computers were slow, there were no digital camera’s. A lot more hurdles to take before you could make something worthwhile. Nowadays almost everyone has a camera. Or a smartphone at least.

So i guess it is understandable i didn’t make video’s years ago. It is not much use to think about this anyway. I feel happy i’m discovering this now, that is enough.

I do need a bit of time. Take a step back and think about this, think about what i’ve made and what step i want to make next. What is most fitting, right now.

I do upload the clips to youtube. My username is ellenlfs. I already have one subscriber! I usually upload the clips half a day before i publish the post here on, so you could have a sneak peak if you wish.

For now, i will repeat all the clips i made sofar. Enjoy!

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Rotterdam – The People

Making this video clip was a lot of work. Filming all the different clips on four separate days. Editing the clip. Picking the music. The Cinematic Orchestra i’ve known for eleven / twelve years. This song is from the album Man with a Movie Camera. From all the songs in my list for this clip, i liked this one the most. Even though i get a bit sad while watching the clip.

I hope you will like this clip. Enjoy!

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Rotterdam – Bridges and buildings

This week i made two walks long the river the Nieuwe Maas running through Rotterdam. One across the Willemsbrug and over the Noordereiland, the other along the Boompjeskade over the Erasmusbrug and over the Wilhelmina Pier to Hotel New York. I filmed clips all along the walks. The idea of using short clips of structures i got in between the two walks. The second walk i made these clips.

The music choice was difficult. I was doubting my first pick of Re-Education Through Labour by Chris & Cosey. It is a long time favourite, but it’s been years since i last listened to it. In 1982 or 1983 i bought their album Trance which has this track on it. In the end, i didn’t change my mind. It is not a nice happy go lucky track, but it does fit Rotterdam in some ways. Or any town for that matter.

Enjoy the clip!

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The Beach

This Sunday, 4 October, i made a walk along the beach between Scheveningen and Hoek van Holland. The past days I got this video clip together made of clips filmed during the walk: The Beach.

The music is from Kraftwerk. These are not songs i knew that well. But i did have them in my iTunes. They are from the in 1977 released record Trans-Europe Express: Franz Schubert and Endless Endless. It does fit with the beach and the waves and the sea and the birds and the sky.

I do hope you will enjoy this clip.

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My house

My House, the new videoclip. I filmed the clips for it Tuesday and Wednesday. Making a choice for the music was a bit harder. It was not self evident from the start. But this song i finally picked from Prefuse 73, One Word Extinguisher, is a steady favourite. I did make a list of instrumental numbers on Monday. Some Kraftwerk, Brain Eno, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, Senor Coconut in there. I did a search for instrumental numbers and picked some of those for the list. Just to get to know them a bit better. For future reference.

I did use transitions this time. Dissolves. I pushed around the clips to moments which are specific in the music. But i didn’t want it to get too complicated. It’s not a complicated clip. I should watch all three i made so far over the weekend and make comparisons.

I do love my cats, Mieke and Muis! I know they should lose a bit of weight. I do feel guilty they can not get outside. I sometimes wish that would change for them. But still, they do seem happy to me. They do fight a bit sometimes, but usually they sleep together and purr lots.

Enjoy the clip!

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Rotterdam – The Kralingse Bos

Monday i walked in the Kralingse Bos. I filmed trees, the water, mushrooms and so many things more. The rest of the week i edited this videoclip.

I truly love it. The filming, the editing.

This together with the singing is what i like doing the most. There are so many steps forward to be made still. I see that. But right now i do feel so happy having found this work. I’m beginning to get a view on what i can do with this. I’m simply enjoying this feeling, not thinking about the practical issues at all. To have finally found something that will last.


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Rotterdam – Around the house

My first clip! Finally! Yay!

I love the music. I’ve known Ed Lincoln for like 10 – 13 years. Marijn once sat behind my computer and added music he felt i missed. Ed Lincoln was in that list. I’m happy there is no singing in it. It’s happy music. Which is how i feel right now.

This is my first proper videoclip. I still have to learn many many things. This week i learned a lot about iMovie, about making clips. I didn’t use many transitions. I liked to keep things simple for starters. I am already thinking about my next videoclip project. Once the weather is a bit better, i probably will do one around the Kralingse Plas. But there are also other options: the beach, Delft, the Rottemeren. I’ll let it sit there for a while and decide later on.

For now, i hope you will enjoy this clip.


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