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I’m spending a lot of time this week thinking, feeling tired and resting. My mind is stirring up a bit more today. But still, a half way post about my newest project: video clips. Half way? Better word is a start.

I do feel really happy making these clips. I don’t know why i didn’t start making video’s years ago. I even had animation at art school. But yes, 25 years ago time was really different. Computers were slow, there were no digital camera’s. A lot more hurdles to take before you could make something worthwhile. Nowadays almost everyone has a camera. Or a smartphone at least.

So i guess it is understandable i didn’t make video’s years ago. It is not much use to think about this anyway. I feel happy i’m discovering this now, that is enough.

I do need a bit of time. Take a step back and think about this, think about what i’ve made and what step i want to make next. What is most fitting, right now.

I do upload the clips to youtube. My username is ellenlfs. I already have one subscriber! I usually upload the clips half a day before i publish the post here on, so you could have a sneak peak if you wish.

For now, i will repeat all the clips i made sofar. Enjoy!

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