Simple Living Alaska

Over the past week i have been avidly watching the youtube channel Simple Living Alaska. I found this channel a few months ago while i was searching for canning, fermenting and pickling recipes. I had skipped most of the videos on this channel, until a week ago.

You follow Arielle and Eric, who moved to southern Alaska around two years ago in 2018. They have chosen a life of self-sufficiency and sustainability. They hunt and gather, maintain a vegetable garden, an orchard, chickens and bees.

A few of my favorite videos i post here. There are many more videos on this channel. Highly recommended!

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  • Cecil Newson says:

    What happened to the root cellar?

    • Ellen says:

      The year after they build the root cellar was much wetter. The walls started to turn inwards, demolishing the steel cupboards they used for storing jars. So they stopped using it and filled it with soil.

  • Katie says:

    Russ finch a guy who uses
    Underground heating system for his green house
    He lives in Nebraska.
    it would be interesting if you guys could build something like that for your food production.

    • Grgo says:

      Hi.I love Ariels working on youtube.Climate is nice and cold.How plands wake up to 2 meters or more claim.IAriel is best girl youtuber when I hear.

  • Katie says:

    And also to heat your house .

  • John says:

    Ved i hvilket område de bor i , i alaska.

    Skønne mennesker at følge

  • Joy says:

    Love the way you can stuff. It looks so simple.

  • Bill says:

    I’ve watched there videos quite a bit,And actually want to respond to a woman’s comments very negative towards Eric,She mentions that Eric is always standing around drinking 17 cups of coffee while Arielle does all the work,To her I say I have no clue what she’s talking about,Are you talking about there recent drive to Oregon to pick up the Tractor and Arielle drove for 2 hours and Eric did the rest?What was that 3-4 days each way?Or how about the recent new tractor lubrication video,It was all Eric doing everything.Who does all the repairs?On snowmobiles,Trailors?The 6 wheeler?How about welding?Sawmill for cutting lumber?I mean is there anything this guy can’t do?Yes she seems to handle the bees,But he’s right there,Yes she seems to handle the vegetable growing,But again he’s right there,And Frankly he seems to do a huge part of making,Cooking the meals,Believe me I could go on a lot more,Eric easily does 65-70 of the work,Not Knocking Arielle,She’s right beside him as a helper and a Damn good one,But please who was this woman trying to fool,I was so upset at her degrading Eric,Obviously she’s off her rocker and hates men.

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