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Today Sunday the 16th of April i went out into town. I walked past the Rotterdam Marathon route for a bit. I’m not much of a fan to be honest, but i did walk on beside the people cheering on the runners.

I did feel sad. Last week i got an e-mail from my health insurance that my insurance is to be closed of because i do not have an address with the municipality.

I’m still unclear what to do next. Apart from going to the Paulus church and talk with the doctor and social worker. Which is what i will do, of course.

The past year has been tough. I do have a place to live, but i can not make it my permanent address. My work on my website has taken a backseat. Which does make me feel sad, but it is for the better.

I do need to go on. I have these plans to make a video clip, but i haven’t done any real work on it. I hope i will start working on it soon. I hope i can find a light in these days, dark to me.


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Feeling happier

The last few weeks i got this idea to make a new video clip. I was thinking of the clip i made in 22 February 2005 for The Answer. It doesn’t work anymore, of course. Flash.

First i had this idea of making it in flash and export it to a movie. I got another idea, of making it with little clips i made with my camera. Then i questioned if i would make it for The Answer. Now i’m finally at the start of this project, where all assumptions are of the table.

I hope i will finish this project. I hope i will make a videoclip i will be proud of. I will start soon, but i am gic=ving myself time to work on this.

I feel happy. Wonderful!

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Cleaning, showering, hair washing and mending clothes

Today is the day of the equinox: Rotterdam, Netherlands: Monday, 20 March 2023, 22:24 CET.

Yesterday i stayed at home the whole day. I showered, washed my hair, cleaned up the house a bit and mended the pink sweater which had two holes at the elbow. I watched some television. When mending my sweater i took of my glasses, i can see better up close with no glasses on.

That is it for today. Enjoy the week. Salute!

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Ideas for new work

The last few days i find myself thinking of making new work, especially about a video clip. The last couple of weeks i am dancing once more on my old musi, one of which is The Answer from the Bloc Party. I made a video for this song in 2005, which you can not see anymore over here. I am still in the early stages of thinking about this new project. Looking forward to starting to work on it!

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What is next?

Around a week ago i told a friend i wished my life would be quiet, uneventful. Peaceful. A bit like it is now to be honest. I don’t know if this will be given to me. I don’t know what life has in store for me.

Right now i’m in an in between stage. Or so it feels to me. I am working. I am living in a house with a friend. But i am thinking of this changing line in the I Ching:

53. Chien / Development (Gradual Progress)

Six in the fourth place means:
The wild goose goes gradually draws near the tree.
Perhaps it will find a flat branch. No blame.

A tree is not a suitable place for a wild goose. But if it is clever, it will find a
flat branch on which it can get a footing. A man’s life too, in the course of its
development, often brings him into inappropriate situations, in which he
finds it difficult to hold his own without danger. Then it is important to be
sensible and yielding. This enables him to discover a safe place in which life
can go on, although he may be surrounded by danger.

A flat branch. That is where i am right now. Unsure, uncertain. But safe for now.

I could be wrong of course. This could be it. This could be my life. Anyway, i need to come to peace with it before i can move on.


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Thinking about what to do here

The past week i was thinking about making photographs and showing them to you here and now.

I didn’t do that.

I thought about making a drawing.

I didn’t do that.

I worked hard. I still feel the tiredness in me. I am watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m in the fourth season, almost done. I love it still. I watch some youtube, some television, i read rss feeds through feedly. I play Stardew Valley. Patch 1.5 came out around a week ago. I do have a bug, i can not make any of the things, since a day or so. I read on a forum more people playing Stardew Valley on an iPad have the same issue. I gotta wait till it is resolved i guess.

That is it for today.

Enjoy your week. Salute!

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A small thought

Tomorrow i will be working once again. There is a small piece of resistance within me, which i need to fight. Tomorrow morning i hopefully will not be thinking about it and i will simply go to work.

I am still learning.

Salute! Enjoy the week. 🙂

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