Today Sunday the 16th of April i went out into town. I walked past the Rotterdam Marathon route for a bit. I’m not much of a fan to be honest, but i did walk on beside the people cheering on the runners.

I did feel sad. Last week i got an e-mail from my health insurance that my insurance is to be closed of because i do not have an address with the municipality.

I’m still unclear what to do next. Apart from going to the Paulus church and talk with the doctor and social worker. Which is what i will do, of course.

The past year has been tough. I do have a place to live, but i can not make it my permanent address. My work on my website has taken a backseat. Which does make me feel sad, but it is for the better.

I do need to go on. I have these plans to make a video clip, but i haven’t done any real work on it. I hope i will start working on it soon. I hope i can find a light in these days, dark to me.


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