Video: Searching for mr Right

Last week i got the idea to make a video clip for one of my a cappella songs. I needed some days to think about it. Then i had some days recording, trying edits in iMovie, playing around with colouring, or making the clip black and white, or blue.

Today i got the final idea. Colour, but a bit drained, a bit cooler. No cuts. I even left in the beginning and the end. It is one recording. Even though i recorded this in the afternoon, the weather is dark, it is windy and it’s raining the whole time. So yes, the clip is dark. But i like that. When i watched the clip on my phone, i thought “this could be it”. And it was. Completely right.

This song, Searching for mr Right, i have always liked.

I’m happy with this clip. I have many more songs recorded, so yes, expect some more! I don’t know yet which song will be next, i have to listen to them and see which one i want to work on. Hopefully next week.

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