An ordinary day

I did go to the market, bought some vegetables. The AH, some food for my cats and fruit cookies. The Hema, where i bought 5 socks. Antibacterial ones! I did ask in the shop what that meant. Was there a special treatment? Something the socks were bathed in? But i didn’t see anything about that on the label. The woman i asked walked to a cashier. Turned out it sort of meant that these were socks in which you shouldn’t get any sweaty feet. Cotton. Yes. The woman shook her head a bit. I said: “Advertorial speak.” In Dutch of course. Pfff.

Before i went into the Hema i bought a hotdog and ate it while watching the koopgoot. The last bit of the bread i pulverized and threw for some doves sitting before in me. More doves flew in. Some doves even flew to the railing, like five inches away from my hand. Some sparrows flew in too. Nice!

I still feel happy with the clip i published yesterday. I know it is dark and basic. But yes, i like it. I did start to think about my next clip today. Which song? Psycho Killer popped up. Images of me singing, filmed from different corners, cut through each other. Some parts of me quiet, looking angry. Seems like a good start. I’ll start tomorrow. Happy!

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