The last post of the year 2022

When i think back on a year ago it feels like it is miles and miles away from now. I know where i was at that time, i know where i lived. But it feels like an insurmountable collection of mountains and canyons with only a small path going through the streams, over the glaciers, through the woods and on the plains.

Since July i have been working as a home help. It was not what i wanted, but right now i’m happy to be doing this work. I work with all different sorts of people. I am still learning to do this job with pleasure. One day goes better than the the other, but it is going well. In my humble opinion.

Today i made a walk through the commercial centre of the city. I danced with a group of singers on the Beursplein. Enjoyable! I talked with a woman in front of Cheap Fashion, where we started talking about the pink and silver clothes in the shop window.

I feel happy. Joyful. I sang a bit myself when i walked away from the singers. Lovely.

I hope you will have some nice days over the coming holidays. Alone, or with family, or with friends.

A big hug from me to you. Salute!

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