A few days ago i came across an article published in Noema. This is a magazine published from Los Angeles, with most, if not all, articles posted online.

In ancient Greek, noēma means “thinking” or the “object of thought.” And that is our intention: to delve deeply into the critical issues transforming the world today, at length and with historical context, in order to illuminate new pathways of thought in a way not possible through the immediacy of daily media.

The article that caught my attention was The Tyranny Of Time. I read it twice, the second time a bit slower than the first time, of course.

One sentence caught my attention:

Capitalism did not create clock time or vice versa, but the scientific and religious division of time into identical units established a useful infrastructure for capitalism to coordinate the exploitation and conversion of bodies, labor and goods into value.

I added Noema into my rss feedly list. I will go through their list of articles, and hopefully read a couple more of them, but that will take a much longer time.

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