Money is a myth

This tweet stayed in my head over the past day: money is a myth. It is part of a long tweet line from Kameel Galeev (Not sure this is his real name, but it is his twitter name).

I am against war, of course. But in this case i am all for the Ukrainian people fighting against the Russians. It is deeply tragic that Russia invaded the Ukraine. One name which surfaces is of the philosopher Dugin. Dugin is one of the main inspirations of Putin.

According to Dugin, the forces of liberal and capitalist Western civilization represent what the ancient Greeks called ὕβρις (hubris), “the essential form of titanism” (the anti-ideal form), which opposes Heaven (“the ideal form—in terms of space, time, being”). In other words, the West would summarize “the revolt of the Earth against Heaven”. To what he calls the West’s “atomizing” universalism, Dugin contrasts an apophatic universalism, expressed in the political idea of “empire”. Values of democracy, human rights, individualism are considered by him not to be universal but uniquely Western.

These thoughts are alien to me. I am a woman born in Western Europe raised with the understanding of freedom, rationalism, human rights, liberal democracy, freedom of conscience and expression. That is my world. I would pick it anytime over and over again. It is impossible for me to pick something else to guide my life with.

Even though, i do try to understand these feelings. I do find this very hard though.

Well, this post is a bit of a mix up. Going from money is a myth to Dugin was not my intention. I am angry and upset by the current events on our world platform. I’ll go back and watch television and twitter. Salute!

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