Tick Tock

Time never stops. Each second ticks away into the past. Relentlessly.

We have divided the time we have in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years. Make them countable. Make them measurable. We can say how many seconds we have lived up until now. Now. Now! The world turns around the sun; this is the basis of our division of time. Spring, winter, summer, autumn. It is the tilt of the earth in connection of its orbit around the sun which causes our seasons.

The passage of time does trouble me. I have only four months or so until my money runs out. I still am not giving up my quest for telling a comprehensive story. For showing people where i am at right now. To be open and genuine with what i want to say. I am still not thinking of quitting this search.

Let it go. Conform to the current working ethic. Work or you will find yourself homeless. Please.

It is a quest. Seven years since i started to work again on my website. But really, it all started when i was twenty-one, that day in February when i made my drawings. Which turned out to be so important to me.

Tick tock. Times moves forward. A part of me wants to hold back time. Another part of me wants it to move on faster, faster. Its no use of course. Time keeps on ticking endlessly.

Tick tock.

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