The End of America

A few days ago i came across this book written by Naomi Wolf called The End of America. I admit, my view on the current developments is hazy at best. I am pretty well aware of what is going on in the Netherlands and Western Europe, but everything beyond is limited to what i read in the newspaper and online. I wish i knew more.

Reading this book published in 2007 makes me aware of everything that happened after it: the 2008 monetary crisis, Trump becoming president in 2016, corona disease in the past two years.

I had to solve the mix up in my mind. First i confused this writer Naomi Wolf with the writer Naomi Klein. Glad that confusion is behind me now. I hope i will finish this book. I am not sure what to think of it to be honest. We will see!

I leave you with some youtube clips with interviews with Naomi Wolf. Enjoy.

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