My weekly schedule

To be honest, i don’t fully remember what i did last Monday. I might have gone out and emptied the compost bin. Pretty sure i did that. After that i walked back home through the park. I set the compost bin downstairs and went on to the supermarket. Other than that, i read, watched youtube, a bit of tv. Monday it is Silent Witness time. Enjoyed that.

I went outside and walked into the centre and brought back a book to the library. I ate some Turkish meat with garlic and hot sauce. I walked up to Spirit where i sat down and had a small plate of food and read a newspaper, the Trouw. I went home taking the bus.

This day i did a rare thing, i went to the cinema. Dune is a movie which has been on my radar for two years or so. The day before i walked past a cinema and the thought came up to see if there was one just starting. It wasn’t. But the thought stuck and the next day i went to another cinema at 13:00 and enjoyed watching this movie. A bit much, lots of sound and big big space ships and vast desert vistas. But i have the Dune books for around forty years and reread them multiple times. I felt happy when i walked out of the cinema.

In the afternoon i took a shower, washed my hair. Nothing much more.

In the morning i walked to the garden and drank a cup of tea. After that i went to Spirit once again, drank coffee and had osawa cake. Not entirely fitting with my keto diet, it is more of a guilty pleasure. In the evening i watched Gardener’s World!

In the morning i walked to the Harvest Market. The weather was good, but i knew rain was predicted for the afternoon. Around one i went back home. I watched Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy late in the afternoon early in the evening.

Today its a slow day. I did went out to go to the AH to get some things to eat. But stayed at home the rest of the day.

This week Thursday 7 October i will move to another place. It is only ten minutes away from where i am living now. I can stay there for around six months. Not too expensive. And it is a place where i live by myself. Looking forward to that. Really!

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