Today i went into the cinema Cinerama and watched Dune. I’m a bit unsure of what i feel about this movie. The beginning is a bit bombastic, well, up to halfway really. But it is all in the books, which i have read like ten times ever since i first bought them when i was like fifteen years old. So i’m happy i did see this movie, bombast be damned. Curious about the follow-up for sure.

I also enjoyed sitting in the cinema. It was quiet, i went to the 13:00 showing. There were like ten people sitting in there. When i left there was a short queue at the counter, but of course i don’t know what movie those people were going to.

When i was outside for a short time i felt like i was watching another movie. The movie of Rotterdam, in September 2021, with a bit of sunshine and clouds mixed up and quite a few people. Lovely!

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