Walking through the rain

This morning i was in doubt for a short time. I knew it was going to rain. Would i really go outside and walk to the market?

So yes, i did go. It wasn’t raining for over half the distance. Then it started. I had brought my rain poncho with me, so i wore it and walked on. At the market i went to Penny Pean, a cafe at the corner. I knew a friend from the harvest market sits there usually on Tuesdays. Happy to say she was there. I ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea and sat down with her and her friends. I sat there for around half an hour when we all left.

I walked over the market. I was planning to go to Bebek the Turkish food stall. He wasn’t there. So i walked up to a fish stall and bought two herrings for my lunch.

After eating the herrings i went inside the library. I went up to the third floor to the philosophy section. I got the book Resistance and Reason in Port-truth Times written by Susan Neiman. It is a short book. I hope i will read it.

I walked back through town. I went inside the HEMA to check out the underwear, but i didn’t see any that spoke to me. So i walked on.

Meanwhile the sun had started to shine.

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