Grow up

I keep on thinking this, over and over again: grow up! Stop whining, stop thinking about yourself the whole time, stop it! Stop dreaming away, stop fantasizing, stop it!

I do know, of course, that my story is not completely like this. This is not what i do the whole time. Honestly. But what i really want to do is misty, vague, far off. Apart from what i do already: making photos, making drawings, making videos, singing songs, making walks.

I am in the middle of a drawing. Stuck. Not sure what to draw next in this big empty space in the middle. I had ideas, but they evaporated. So i need to work on this, hope i will find something worthwhile to draw, something which says what i feel.

I hope i can keep myself on course. Stick to what i know i can do best.

To you, have a good weekend. Salute!

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