This afternoon i walked to the garden, the Vredestuin. I did not intent to work. I wanted to empty the small compost bin we use in our house. I picked mint leaves for the tea. I did do the dishes, outside, together with Davine. It was great weather, sunny, around 20 degrees Celsius. Springtime greens are abundant. Th trees, shrubs, the cows parsley along the Essenburgsingel, lovely!

I’m thinking, while i walked to the garden. I know i am still living of the money i got for my house. Another year or so. I am reading books, watching youtube videos with many different people talking about the world, about corona, about medicine, about economics. It is difficult to find my own way in this maze of opinions. I don’t know how i will respond if someone asks me questions. I hope i can stay with my own thoughts, stay calm, stay level headed. There are so many things i don’t agree with. Economics, business processes first of all. That is not my world.

I do know i want to fight. Let my thoughts be heard. Ask questions. Fight for this world. So beautiful, so alive. So rare in this universe. The way we treat our world is terrible. The way we treat our fellow humans is terrible.

I’m not the first person to say we need to fight. Of course not. I am simply joining. I hope i’m not too late.

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