A walk to the library

Today i walked to the library. So happy it is open again! The first part i walked up with Eric, my house lord with his little dog Blue. After i walked through the Spoortuin, then along the Westersingel to the Hema, where i bought half a rookworst. I sat there on a bench eating it, looking around me. Then i walked on to the library, over the market. A woman started talking to me, right before it. If i knew Our Father and Our Mother were taking care of us. We started a short talk and argued over Maria Magdalena. I was pretty sure she was not Mary the mother of Jesus. I also didn’t agree with her that God (my term, she kept saying Our Father) will take care of us. I think most of the hardships in the world are to make us stronger. But hey, that is only my opinion.

Well, that is my story for today. It is getting a bit warmer. Even though there was a bit of rain falling from the sky today. Most of it while i was back at home, happy to say.

Enjoy your day!

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