A week ago i moved to my current room. I didn’t realize beforehand that part of the room is a television. With an active Ziggo account. I confess, i have watched way more than i should. Sunday i watched Heel Holland Bakt and Pride and Prejudice. Monday i watched half The Lord of the Ring – The Two Towers. Tuesday morning i finished this happily. Tuesday evening i watched half an hour of Fifty Shades of Grey. In the afternoon i watched The Planets on BBC2. Really enjoyable and still a few episodes to go. After that Escape to the Country, an old favourite of mine.

I have been following the news a bit more than usual. I am also thinking about who to vote for in the Dutch elections in March. Still not sure about this. I’ll keep you informed.

The Planets
The Planets: Saturn
Escape to the Country
Escape to the Country
The news: Asscher leaves
The early evening talk show M about Asscher
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