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I don’t buy that much to be honest. My basic clothes, like leggings, t-shirts and tank tops i buy at the Hema. Price is the main factor in this decision. The other brands on this page are a bit more expensive. I try to be aware of what fabrics are used and where the clothes are made.

I have bought clothes at the shop from Joline Jolink from around 8 or 9 years ago. In the beginning she had a shop in Amsterdam, around seven years ago she moved to Rotterdam. Most clothes are made from rest parties of fabric. A year ago she made vegan trainers. I especially love her dresses.
Sofar i have never bought anything from Toast. I do click on the ads i see on Facebook and sofar i have loved most thing i see. On my list of things to buy for sure.
I once walked into the store of Jux on the Meent in Rotterdam. I liked some things i saw in there, but i did find it a bit expensive. Still, once i have a bit more money, i will be tempted.
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